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During a school excursion, my friend and I found two engravings on the walls of the Old Melbourne Gaol, both from 1992. These belonged to a person named Moose and a woman named Lisa Q who, despite being Australian, were impersonated by us and were given strong Chicago accents. These people morphed into characters, eventually become mafia members. It became an inside joke between us to speak in the horribly-pronounced accents and make jokes as if we were members of the Chicago Mob, but I never even though about writing a story about them until I was working on an essay. During my time writing an essay for the same class I had been on the excursion with, I decided to a short two-paragraph story at the end. This was out of pure procrastination and boredom and I had every intention to delete the story before I submitted the essay. However, I forgot and believe that I had already removed it. Two weeks later I get feedback on the story from my teacher on it and subsequently freak out. However, he enjoyed the story and so did my friend so I decided to keep it. I have plans to continue this story and have begun research on the next setting it will take place in but until then, enjoy my procrastination. [also it wouldn't let me swear :( ]

It’s A Conspiracy Competition Entry Story

I wrote this for a writing competition held a few months ago. The prompt was to write about some kind of conspiracy. One day I hope to expand on this idea but for now, this is the finished story. Also at the line, there is a perspective change.

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