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Presented by State Library Victoria


Moose stood by the edge of the barricade, umbrella in hand. He didn’t enjoy this work, he found no joy or pleasure from completing his objective but in the end, they were always just another face, another name. He didn’t feel any sympathy anymore, he rid himself of that weakness long ago. He didn’t believe in God, not since he was a naive kid growing up in a cruel city, but every time he pulled the trigger he prayed. As the motorcade neared he raised the umbrella. And he prayed again, not because he felt for the man’s family or the pain he’d cause or because he believed in divine intervention and forgiveness, no instead he believed in hell. And as the shot rang clear in the air and the crowd screamed in terror Moose had one final thought before stepping away from the scene. May you rest in hell, motherf*cker.

Lisa Q sat on the wet grass from the morning’s rain, suit too heavy and thick for the now warm weather. She waited for her… something (coworker? Acquaintance? Friend?) to finish his job. The sun glared down at the crowd gathered waiting for the cars to drive by, a glimpse at their oh so perfect leader. She rolled her eyes and listened to the breeze. The screams of the crowd sent a chill down her spine, unable to be defined by the thrill of fear. People ran in a frenzy, pushing through the rest of the crowd and trying to escape the chaos. She sat cigarette in hand with smoke slowly easing its way into the air. Again, Lisa closed her eyes and waited, erasing the bloodshed and shock of the moment from her mind. She wasn’t like Moose, she couldn’t just shut down her feelings and lock up her emotions. As her brain emptied into a haze of nicotine and euphoria, the heavy sound of footsteps grew louder in her ears, echoing in her now empty mind. Moose sat down beside her, analysing her composure before inhaling deeply. Lisa Q opened her eyes and stared ahead before glancing at Moose. He looked blank, empty and lifeless. They just sat there, sun beaming down and chaos raging around them. Two blank expressions, two voids for hearts but above all else just two people. Two people who did not need to believe in a God to know that judgement day and hell were what awaited them in the future. Eventually, time would catch up with them, and the carnage and pain they had caused would come back to punish them. But for now, they were just two people sitting on the edge of a path, watching the world they held in their hands pass by.